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About Me

NARESH means “The Lord of Man Kind’, represents to God Siva the Lead Game designer of our life game.
I Spawned in the year 5088 (As per Vedic Time Calculation) at location 16.05°N 79.75°E(Vinukonda) in a Below Middle Class License subscribed family.
  • By the time i written this post 55489536000 Frames have been passed from my life.
  • I Sleep while reading books.
  • You can communicate me through Telugu, Hindi, English, C++, C#, Python, MEL and can try in Tamil, Japanese, JAVA, PHP etc.. But no guarantee of understanding.
  • My knowledge guru is film director RAM GOPAL VARMA (మహనుభావుడు) . Ramuism == Enlightenment.
  • I am not a graduate.
  • I got Zero marks in a test exam for EMCET (Engineering & Medical Common Entrance Test).
  • FILMS – GAMES – INTERNET are only things i invest time.
  • No girl has crush on me. Never Ever
  • People never expects the word Good Morning from me, Because i never say it and they know it.
  • At age 25 my weight was 48 kg @ 6 feet height. SKELETON
  • My Other Names are:
    Bujji (Sometimes My Mom calls)
    Bakki (Some of my close friends calls)
    TVirus (When i becomes soldier in Call Of Duty)
    YNK (Short form of my name)
  • I don’t eat Non veg, I don’t smoke Cigarette, i don’t drink Alcohol,
    I don’t Dance, I don’t sing, I don’t laugh(only smile), I don’t know driving.
  • Once i  worn Indian Saree for the role of goddess Sita in a cultural event.




Motion Capturing

  • Knowledge on Passive Optical Motion capturing technology
  • Captured animations with Vicon Cameras
  • Experience in Marker Cleanup using Vicon Blade
  • Experiance in Charcter Solving using Motion Builder



Technical Art

  • Application Scripting 3D applications – MEL, Python & Max Script
  • Tool Development – .Net
  • In Game Asset Preparations
  • Shader Writting & Particle Effects for Games



Game Devlopment

  • Game Play programming in Unity – C#
  • Integration of 3rd party API’s – Facebook, Admob, Analytics & MultiPlayer
  • Knowledge of Unreal Blue Print 
  • Published own games on Google Play Store





Mobility Arts

Mocap Technician

(MAR 2008 – FEB 2011)



Trine EnterTainment

Technical Animator

(MAR 2011 – NOV 2012)



Lakshya Digital

Sr. Artist

(DEC 2012 – MAR 2016)



WMS Gaming

Sr. Technical Artist

(MAR 2016 – Present)



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