RGV A new Dronacharya

Many of my friends gives a weird expression when i say “I am a fan of RGV”.

I can understand that expression coming from a perception about his flop movies.

But what i wanted to say is “Even if he makes thousand flops, he will still remain master in film making“. Others should Shut Up and learn from him.

Indian films can be divided into two eras, Before RGV and After RGV.

Actually i am a fan of RGV not just because of his movies but because of his knowledge & intellectualism. In fact i can say RGV is the only director who has followers not fans.

I don’t finish my day with out watching his interviews or reading his tweets.

His followers belongs to a new religion where RGV is GOD, Ramuism is Vedam, and “Naa Ishtam”, “Vodka with Varma”, “Guns & Thighs” are Upanishads.

Some one said RGV is like a drug and his followers are victims. 100% agree.

If RGV is a SUN then Ramuism is Vitamin D.

If you want your kids to become more smarter, then stop giving malted drinks and start feeding with Ramuism episodes.

Dronacharya has only one Ekalavya, But RGV has millions of Ekalavyas. Who never met him and never worked with him but consider him as guru.

RGV A new Dronacharya

Happy Teacher’s Day to RGV








After reading this
If you think i am crazy or mad, that means you are not connected to RGV and agreeing that you are a dumb. And don’t think these points are exaggerated, rather call your self as dumbest.

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